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  • Fastest Scheduling - 5 minutes or less.

  • Largest Nationwide Service Fleet - One of our certified technicians are close to you!

  • Affordable Rates - Competitive rates for any business.
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Genicom printer holding back your business? Get FAST Onsite Service Now!

Live Service Specialists
Talk to a live person right away – NO PROMPTS!

Faster Scheduling
Schedule service in less than 5 Minutes

Largest Service Fleet
3,500 certified technicians are standing by

Affordable Rates
Great low prices backed by a guarantee

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Our Onsite Printer Repair Lets You Get Back To What's Important To You FASTER!
FAST Onsite Printer Repairâ„  for these Genicom dot-matrix printer models and line matrix printer models

Genicom dot-matrix printer models

3410, 3440, 3840, 3840E, 3840EP, 3840D, 3840EM, 3860, 3860D, 3860S, 3870, 3880, 3880D, 3880S, LA36, LA36N, LA36W, LA450, LA550, LA550N, LA550W, LA650, LA700 LA800, LA800+ and more…

Genicom line matrix printer models 

4440, 4810, 4810I, 4810E, 4840, 4840I, 4470, 4490, 4490XT, 4490I, 5000, 5050, 5100, 5100E, 5180, 5180XT LG05, LG06, LGe06, LG08, LG12, LGe12, LGi12, LG14, LG15, LGi15, LG18, LGi18, LGL06, LGL12 and more…

*Based on availability in certain areas and the brand and model.

Watch how easy it is to get FAST Onsite Genicom printer repair!

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