State-of-the-Art EXPRESS Repair Centers

front desk
Welcome to our EXPRESS Repair Centers!

Our state-of-the-art facilities house many dedicated employees all striving for the same cause - to give the best repair experience to our customers.

certified repair technicians
EXPRESS Repair Centers Certified Technicians

Our certified printer and barcode scanner repair technicians are the best in the industry.  All of our technicians are provided the newest repair and diagnosis tools available today. 

repair facility security
EXPRESS Repair Centers Security

Security is our number one goal.  When you send your printers or barcode scanners to our EXPRESS Repair Centers, they are caged and protected.  We know how valuable your equipment is to your business and take it very seriously.

repair facility trusted
EXPRESS Repair Centers Trusted

Our large facilities handle hundreds of printers and barcode scanners per day.  All equipment is cared for and organized to expedite service.  Thousands of companies trust us each year with their valuable assets and use us again and again.

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